Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Engineering Services

We’re taking a break from providing engineering services at the moment whilst we have a bit of a reshuffle! If you need something, we have plenty of contacts in the motorsport and automotive industries who might be able to assist! Contact Us and see if we can help.


Tom Roberts

Specialising in track side support for all race or testing events, Torotex can provide additional and critical assistance in the modern motorsport industry.

Torotex can provide the following services for your car and team:

  • System Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • Race Data Analysis
  • Driver Training
  • Vehicle Development
  • System Design and Integration
  • Much more…

Also offering education to for teams and happy to assist universities in their endeavours with the IMechE Formula Student events, providing real world insight to the complex and challenging world of high speed engineering.


Torotex offer support, advice and expertise on the following platforms:

PectelPi Research
Cosworth ElectronicsLife Racing
Race TechnologyAim
EmeraldAnd Others…

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.

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