Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Consultancy Services

Offering a detailed engineering overview, focusing on customer interaction and the ownership experience, Torotex Consultancy Services provide a valuable insight in to soon-to-market, new-to-market and existing product analysis.


Utilising extensive experience from engineering and journalistic backgrounds, a professional team of talented individuals can assess and analyse your vehicle at any stage of the development and life-cycle process.


Loyal to the industry, but independent from any OEM, our consultancy service offers unique, confidential and unbiased report-based feedback. Also offering a perception unprejudiced by internal engineering departments.


Based around a 70-point report structure, all aspects of a vehicle can be measured, assessed and evaluated with a primary focus on customer experience. Concise conclusions are offered for ease of communication, with more details available where required.

See what Torotex Consultancy Services can do to compliment and supplement your engineering teams.

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